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punkty: 5754
imprezy: 8
data: 2003-09-11

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Second day of Ekaterinburg Cup
The starting list:
    Andrej Arbuzow
  1. Maxim Taranow
  2. Ewgenij Neugodnikow
  3. Roberto Ferarse
  4. Ewgenij NIkiforow
  5. MRM Match Race Team
  6. Peter Vibroe
  7. Rasmus Viltoft
  8. Sergej Mushikin
  9. Newill Wittey
  10. Alex Stupka
  11. Sergej Koltchev
The organizators divided us on two groups for 6 crews each. Yesterday only 1-sth group was sailing. We didn't beacause of lack of wind. The conditions ...
Ekaterinburg Cup
We we are taking off in few hours to Ekaterinburg for European Championship. Wish us good luck !!!

We will try to report every event day by day if there will be such possibility.
Promotion in ISAF ranking
On 25 June ISAF (International Sailing Federation) up-dated actual ranks in which the MRM Match Race Team has made one step up - that means the 44 position. They have taken into account the races in Palermo, Austria and Sankt Petersburg.
Magic White Nights - Sankt Petersburg Grade 2
Next three races - slower boat again and no wind. Despite all won startings the races were lost. When the fellow competitors start from the lee-bowing its difficult to fight them when the difference in speed is so big. After changing the yachts we won in a good style with Arbuzow. So far the bests sailors are Kemmling i Neugodnikov. The favourite Berntsson lost twice and won once.
Magic White Nights - Sankt Petersburg Grade 2
The races are organised due to the anniversary of 300 years of the town, on the Finnish yachts "Santer 760" with big genakers and lifty keel, which is banned from use during the match-races. Splendid "white nights" make racing possible from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

On wednesday we trained for two hours just next to the Winter Palace. The final starting list: Berntsson-swe -11, Arbuzov-rus-14, Angsell-swe-19, Kemmling-ger-27, Nikolaev-rus-28, Nikiforov-rus-31, Neugodnikov-rus-36, Tarnacki-pol-45, Niemi-fin-68, Viltoft-den-104, Andresen-ger-155,firsov-rus-259.
Press conference
We invite all interested for the press conference combined with presntation of the yachting plans of all crews united in Yachting Sports Foundation:
  • essional match racing crew - MRM Match Race Team Polska 1
  • crew of pretendents to the Champion of the World title in Micro Cup in Leba, August 2003.
    The conference will take place on 7 June in "Pod Żaglami" cafe, Yacht Club "Stal" in Gdynia, Aleja Zjednoczenia 9, on 3 o'clock p.m. Coffe and multimedia presentation provided.

    After the conference you are kindly invited to take part in the training on the yachts Micro and MK Cafe 24.
  • ..więcej    
    New sponsor - for body and soul.
    The sailors represented in the hting Sports Foundation - MRM Match Race Team the Micro crew - have a new sponsor, BALTIC OASIS thanks to the Italian owners and Polish managers ( special thanks to Ola ) we will be able to effectuate our phisical training in a luxury sport center of BALTIC OASIS. You can imagine the joys of using among other a splendid body lifting, swiming pool, sauna, gim. All under the professional care of the BALTIC OASIS personnel.
    New gallery
    MRM Match Race Team is greatly thankful to our friend Olga for her hospitality in Vienna. Welcome to the gallery, with some new photos from championships in Austria. >>>
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