Ranking ISAF
miejsce: 37
punkty: 5754
imprezy: 8
data: 2003-09-11

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Second day of Ekaterinburg Cup

The starting list:

    Andrej Arbuzow
  1. Maxim Taranow
  2. Ewgenij Neugodnikow
  3. Roberto Ferarse
  4. Ewgenij NIkiforow
  5. MRM Match Race Team
  6. Peter Vibroe
  7. Rasmus Viltoft
  8. Sergej Mushikin
  9. Newill Wittey
  10. Alex Stupka
  11. Sergej Koltchev
The organizators divided us on two groups for 6 crews each. Yesterday only 1-sth group was sailing. We didn't beacause of lack of wind. The conditions ...

where extremly dificult and tricky. The wind force oscilated between 0 and 0,5 B. And direction was very shifty. Andrej Arbuzow lost two from 5 races beacause of unstable conditions.

Regards from MRM Match Race Team.

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